A fast and furious Tudor jousting game.

 Shopping in the war 

Imagine you're a wartime shopper.

  Tudor Exploration 

Explore the high seas with the Tudors.

 Dressed to Kill 

Are you tough enough to fight King Henry VIII?

 Henry VIII's Champions

Have you got what it takes to be King Henry VIII's jousting champion? 


 Greek Pot Painter 

Make and paint a virtual Ancient Greek pot.


 The Egyptian Mummy game

How much do you know about mummies?

  Escape from the Mummy's tomb!

  Egyptian Tomb Adventure

 Will you be able to crack the code and solve the clues? 

  Mummy Maker

 The Great Fire of London

 Viking Training School

 Full Steam Ahead

  Roman Centurion 

 Learn about & create medals

 Greek House Challenge

 Alien Detectives