Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 class page.  


      Lockdown home learning

      Week 1 Home Learning

      Week 2 & 3 Home Learning

         Week 4 & 5 Home Learning

      Week 6 & 7 Home Learning

      Week 8 Home Learning

 This will be updated with more work added. If you are unable to print any of these documents don't worry just write out your answers on a separate piece of paper. Try your best to complete as much work as you can.

Any problems or help needed just let me know

Mr Conlon


The class teacher is Mr Conlon.

The class is joined by Mrs Okpiyalele who will also cover the class for some periods during the week.


PE is on Thursday and Friday afternoons.


Our topics for the year are:

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6


We think about the communities we belong to and what makes a good community. We will discover the history of Fishponds and  design our own town/community of the future. We will find out about the plight of refugees.


There’s no place like home

What are homes like around the world and in the past? Where do I live and what makes a home? We improve our map skills and design rooms.



There’s no place like home

We will be designing & making homes. What will homes be like in the future? 

We think about those less fortunate and will be raising awareness and money for food banks. We will find out about the Anglo Saxons.


Space Invaders

We reach for the stars as we explore space. We find out why we are able to live on planet Earth.

We will play old computer games and make our own. We discover why the Vikings invaded Britain. 

Space Invaders

We continue space exploration and think about what it is like to live in space. What do astronauts eat?  And how do they sleep whilst floating in space? We will create our own stop motion animations.


Make an Aztec mask; calculate Mayan maths and interpret Aztec writing.  Who were these ancient civilisations? How have they influenced our lives today?


Ay caramba! This is one hot topic with Mexican cooking, dancing & fiestas. We study life in Mexico today.



Homework will be sent home weekly on a Friday and must be returned by the following Friday.  Children will be given Literacy, Maths and spelling homework each week.  Occasionally additional homework will be given for science or topic work.


Alongside the set homework:

Please ensure that your child has a suitable reading book (there are plenty in school!) and reads on a daily basis (preferably to an adult). 


By Year Five we would expect most children to be confident in both multiplication and division facts up to 12 x12.  Life skills are also very important, e.g. telling the time and working with money.  Please give your child the opportunity to practise these in context.