Year 4

Welcome to Y4.

In Y4 we are a job-share: Mrs Gay teaches on Mondays and Tuesdays, Mrs Marsh teaches on Wednesdays - Fridays.  Mrs Petela is our Classroom Assistant and works Mondays - Thursdays.


Wednesday is our sporty day.  In the morning, the class goes swimming at Easton Leisure Centre where they are taught in small, ability-based groups by swim coaches at the pool.  Children need to wear their swim clothes underneath their outer clothes – “beach ready”.  They must bring a towel and underwear in a named bag too.  In the afternoons, the class are taught PE by a Sports Coach, therefore they can come to school in their PE kit.  PE kits consist of a blue t-shirt, dark coloured shorts, appropriate sport shoes.  In winter, we recommend leggings or tracksuit bottoms in a dark colour and suitable sweatshirt or sports top.


We would like every child to become a competent reader by the end of Y4. To achieve this, please can you support your child on their learning journey by hearing them read at home a minimum of 4 times per week.  We will hear them read in school too.  They will have a red reading log book – please sign every time you hear them read. They need to bring their book and reading log to school every day. While you are hearing them read, please ask them questions about their book. Here are some suggestions:




Times Tables

At the end of Y4, the Government holds Statutory Tests to test Y4 children’s knowledge of Times Tables.  Because of the Pandemic, this will be the first year of these statutory Times Tables Tests.  All Y4 children will be tested on all Times Table facts from 1x1=1 right up to 12x12=144 and everything in between. They will be given 6 seconds to answer each question online, so quick recall of facts is essential.  Please can you support your child in learning these in any way that works for them:  chanting, singing, writing them down, playing board games, playing online games etc.


As well as frequent reading at home and practising Times Tables, Y4 pupils will also receive a spelling rule or pattern plus 10 example spellings to learn.  These will be given to the children on a Thursday and they will be tested on the following Wednesday.


Class Dojo and communicating with us

Please sign up to Class Dojo.  This is similar to a private texting system where we can send you messages directly to your device and in turn, you can send us messages too. There is also the ability to read whole class information, see photographs of the children in school, as well as whole school information.  It is a great way to keep in touch.  In the event of any issues or problems, please come and see one of us directly.  We are here not only to teach your child, but to work alongside parents in supporting your child.  We want the best for each child, so that they can fulfil their potential.

Topics for this Year

Term 1 and 2:  Britain Now and Britain Then.  Starting with a geography based topic of where Britain is in the world -  its continent, main rivers and cities and where in particular Bristol is.  Followed by finding out about Britain in Roman times - how it changed with the Romans, why they left and what legacy they left behind.

Term 3 and 4: Kings, Myths and Monsters. Finding out about Anglo Saxon Britain - their stories, their lives and who ruled. We will design ancient brooches and write in Runes (as well as standardised English!)

Term 5 and 6: Raging Rivers.  Exploring all about rivers and the water cycle. This links to the science topic of Evaporation and changing states.  We will follow a famous river in Britain and sadly discover all about plastic pollution in water. 

All three topics have got wonderful Class Books that link directly with the topic and engage the children in both reading and writing.