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Year 2

Welcome to the Year 2 class page. The class teacher is Miss Grainger. 

Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Sawers support the class. Mrs Hawkins is in Monday-Wednesday all day and Mrs Sawers helps us in the mornings. 

Mrs Munro covers the class Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon, which is when Miss Grainger has time out of class. 

PE with the sports coach is on Monday afternoons and we do the daily mile on all other days. The children should leave their PE kits in school throughout the term so they can change in school and can take them home to wash during the holidays.

Reading at home

It is crucial that children in year 2 are reading every day, please record this in their reading records so that we know it is happening. They will bring home up to 3 books from school. 

1. Book band book from class or a book at their Read Write Group level. This is to be read twice at home before returning to school and changing. The children will change their books weekly when they read with the teacher.

2. Library book. This is often a book which will need to be read to them, or read by them with support.

3. Read Write book (only for the children still on the Read Write programme). This needs to be read every day but come back to school every day. This will help support the work they are doing in phonics in school.

Learning in Year 2 

The Deep Blue Sea TERM 1



Here is a video explaining our expectations for children's writing in Year 2.




In May, children in Year 2 sit national SATS examinations. These are done in class under normal class-working conditions. It's not something for you or your child to worry about, but just a chance for us (and the government) to see how we are getting on as a school.

This website allows you to access past SATS papers if you want to have a look at the types of things they need to know.

Please don’t do the 2019 papers with your child as we will use them in school as practice.

 Learning in Year (2021 - 2022)

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