Year 1

Welcome to the Year 1 class page. The class teacher is Miss Garnier




PE is on  Wednesday afternoons - please remember to wear PE kits to school on a Wednesday.


Wednesday afternoons are covered by Mrs Workman.

Thursday and Friday afternoons are covered by Mrs Munro

The teaching assistant working in Year 1 is Mrs Andrews.



 Please ensure your child has their book bag in school every day. They will have 3 books in their book bag

1 - Guided reading book - this book will be a new text for you to read with your child and will be changed weekly

2 - Read Write Inc book - this book is one that is really familiar to your child and will be changed when your child has finished reading it in their  RWI group.

3 - Library or class book - this is a book chosen by your child, if is a book for you to share with your child and will be changed weekly.


Please aim to read at least 5 times a week with your child and record this in their reading record. You can record any book your child reads, it does not need to be one of the books that is in their book bag, it could be one of their favourite books from home.



As well as reading your child will have weekly spellings and maths to complete. The maths will be linked to our number clubs which we will complete in class, this is an opportunity for your child to develop their basic addition and subtraction skills.  

Phonics Screening

In Year 1 your child will be assessed on their ability to segment and blend using the phonics that have been taught in school. They will need to read a range of both real and pseudo (alien) words.


Our topics for the year are:

Term 1 - What makes me, me?

Term 2 - Why do we celebrate Bonfire Night?

Terms 3 - What's in the toy box?

Term 4 - Monarch for a day.

Term 5 - Handa's surprise

Term 6 - What makes Bristol special?


Our learning in Term One



We started when we found a buried time capsule from Miss Garnier's family. We learnt a lot about what they like from the objects inside it.


We then brought in our own family time capsules and explained to the class more about our family, who we live with and what they like to do.
In art we used mirrors to practice sketching our faces.
We learnt that humans are animals and sorted animals into different groups. We then learnt about the diets of different animals and identified omnivores, herbivores and carnivores by what they ate.
We enjoyed listening to 'The story of the Little Mole who knew it was none of his business' to help us understand more about animal diets.

We also learnt about the different parts of our bodies and enjoyed taking photos to complete our treasure hunt.
We then learnt about our 5 senses and explored each sense individually.


In Geography we learnt the 4 countries of the United Kingdom. We used a giant puzzle to put each country in the correct place on the map and had a go at labelling the country and it's capital city.
Finally, we wrote about our families, including ourselves and drew a family portrait to go with it.

Our learning in Term 2




Our learning in Term 2



Our Learning in Term 3



Our Learning in Term 3




Our learning in Term 4



Our Learning in Term 4


Our learning in Term  5 




Resilience - we started this term with a challenge to test our resilience. We worked in pairs to try standing up whilst our arms were linked together.


In maths we used cubes to learn about making groups. How many groups of 2 can you see?

How many groups of 3?

We used 2D shapes to make our own pictures and also had a go at copying some examples.


We also challenged ourselves to make 3D shapes using only lolly sticks and blu tack.


And in art we created a tree showing the four seasons.