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Physical Education



At St Joseph’s we are proud to be a strong community based on faith and learning. We believe that in PE, God has enabled us to care for our bodies that were made in His image. Therefore, when we teach PE, we encourage the children to make healthy choices, both in their diet and by taking part in regular physical activity.

Physical Education supports our learning and faith community by:

  • Supporting the children to make healthy choices
  • Enabling children to celebrate each other’s achievements and develop the talents given to them by God
  • Helping the children to understand that their health has been entrusted to them by God
  • Encouraging children to use the skills that God has given them to support the school community

PE in school
At St Joseph’s, PE and sport is an important part of school life. All classes have two PE lessons each week which take place either outside or in the school hall. They will learn skills needed for sports, such as teamwork, fundamental movement skills and sportsmanship. The children will be learning a variety of sports and skills throughout the year. Next year we will be using the Real PE scheme which focuses on the fundamental movement skills, as well as teamwork and healthy competition.

After school clubs
At St Joseph’s we are lucky to have excellent teachers and sports coaches who offer a variety of after school clubs.
We believe this offers an opportunity for children to learn more about sports that interest them as well as opening up chances for them to try new sports they may not have played before. The emphasis is on inclusion and increased participation for both boys and girls. These clubs can also help to prepare the children to compete in local and regional competitions and have a chance to represent St Joseph’s.


We provide swimming lessons in conjunction with Easton Leisure Centre. The children are assessed during the first session and are placed in small groups, all led by a swimming instructor. The target is for all children to be able to swim 25 metres before they leave primary school.

Sports Premium Funding
The government is providing extra funding to primary schools in order to develop sustainable PE provision. Each school receives £8000 plus an extra £5 per pupil in years 1-6. St Joseph’s received £8660 for the academic year 2015/16.
For further information on how we plan to use the funding, as well as how we measure the impact it is having on our children, please see:


Sports Premium Funding 2020-21