Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Mrs Jocelyn Baker

Assistant Head Mr Kevin Conlon (KS2 phase leader)

Assistant Head Miss Jo Garnier (Early Years and KS1 phase leader), SENCO


Class Teachers

Ms H. Phillips (Mon- Weds)/Mrs F. Cakebread (Weds- Fri)-Reception 

Miss J. Garnier- Year 1

Miss A. Coates- Year 2

Miss H. Grainger- Year 3

Mr M. Harris- Year 4

Mr K. Conlon- Year 5

Mrs J. Gay (Mon-Weds/ Mrs C. Marsh (Weds- Fri)- Year 6


Other Teaching Staff

Mrs S. Workman, 


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs H. Andrews

Miss M. Hawkins

Miss K. Martin

Mrs W. Petela

Mrs L. Remnant

Mrs C. Upton


Administation Department

School Business Manager- Mrs C. Montgomery

Finance-Mrs  J. Lee

Administrator- Mrs S. Daniels


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mr N. Buck

Mrs L. Dowe

Miss K. Martin

Mrs W. Petela

Mrs S. Sawers


Family Support Workers/ Mentors

Mrs A. Serle

Mrs A. Okpiyalele


Premises Manager

Mr N. Buck


Premises and Cleaning Staff

Mrs I. Bodnarescu

Mrs T. Milsom

Mrs J.Sawyers


Kitchen Staff

Mrs J. Casey

Ms B. Fordham

Mrs S. Tuohy


Extended School Club

Miss K. Martin

Mrs S. Sawers