St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's Catholic
Primary School


We are proud to be a community of faith and learning at St Joseph’s. We believe that enrichment activities, such as music, drama, after-school activities and sharing books in our well-stocked library, help to develop the creative potential within each pupil. These opportunities help pupils to fulfil the talents that God has given them; they enable them to make sense of the constantly changing world in which they live.  These activities also enable pupils to nurture the Christian values of understanding, respect and compassion.

Enrichment activities contribute to our learning and faith by:

  • Understanding that music provides us with the opportunity to reflect in awe and wonder at the beauty of God’s world
  • Effectively using music to enhance the praise and worship elements of Collective Worship
  • Building confidence through musical performances and sharing with the wider community
  • Developing understanding and making sense of different cultures and times, backgrounds, ages and circumstances through drama
  • Enabling pupils to learn to express themselves through drama, giving them confidence and allowing them to become creative problem-solvers
  • Sharing stories, factual books, plays and poetry, as well as listening to each other, which are vital to pupils’ growth leading to deeper understanding of our faith and our world
  • Joining after-school clubs and taking part in extra-curricular activities and so enabling pupils’ to forge deeper friendships, develop team -building qualities and learn new skills within a safe and supportive environment