St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's Catholic
Primary School

ELLI- Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory

At St Joseph’s we think it is vitally important that we support learners to develop the skills that they need to be successful across all areas of their lives. Elli allows us to develop these skills in a fun, character based way. Each animal has a different skill which the children will be able to learn from and explore.


 Elli is an elephant who has many good friends…


The ability to be hardworking and to know that practice makes progress.




Critical curiosity

The children can ask questions to help them learn.



Meaning making

The children can make links with their learning and make connections with their prior knowledge.





The children can show creativity and try new ideas with their learning.




Learning relationships and interdependence

The children show how and when to work with others.



Strategic awareness

The children can plan what they need to do in their own learning to helping them progress.



Changing and learning

The children can recognise when they have made a mistake and can change their approach and adapt their learning.




The children can challenge themselves to extend their learning and deepen their understanding.



  Examples of ELLI learning at St Joseph's